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Congratulations, you have been selected as a scholarship holder within the Maribyrnong College Sports Academy for 2018.

Student-athletes are classified within MSA as either Technical or Associate athletes. Technical athletes are enrolled in sports where MSA has employed coaches and technical training sessions are scheduled. Associate athletes are those in sports where there are no appointed MSA coaches or scheduled training sessions.

To accept the scholarship offer you must agree to the terms of this agreement which follow.


1.1          A holistic program individual development program and a high performance environment that balances academic achievement and sporting excellence.

1.2          Technical sport coaching and competition (where applicable).

1.3          Strength and conditioning programs, physical preparation personnel, equipment and facilities.

1.4          Personal development programs including camps, guest speakers and excursions (varies for each year level).

1.5          Counselling to take into account subject selection, course variations, US College advice, career and sport goals, time management schedules, work experience opportunities, sport periodization plans, major competition and training cycles etc.

1.6          General Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition education, and access to one-on-one consultations with qualified professionals.

1.7          “Athlete Friendly” services including flexible academic timetables, flexible learning plans (subject to meeting the criteria), negotiated work deadlines, e-learning support when absent, after school tutoring, etc.

1.8          On-site physiotherapy assessment service free of charge (note this is injury assessment and rehabilitation advice only).   Treatment costs are not covered by this agreement and are the responsibility of each family at the physiotherapy provider of their choice. 

1.9          Rehabilitation staff with the specific role of managing injured student-athletes back to full fitness. 

1.10       Interim academic reports every 5 weeks (with advice on whether the student athlete is up to date and indications on academic progress and behaviour) with full reporting twice per year at the end of each Semester.



2.1       Attend all scheduled Maribyrnong Sports Academy coaching sessions (unless reported and logged as ill/injured).

2.2       Fully engage in ADP sessions (gym and theory).  

Note: Year 11 & 12 student-athletes must complete at least 1 physical preparation session per week.  Those without timetabled physical preparation in ADP can complete this requirement before/after school or Wednesday lunch times.

2.3       Comply with the rules and expectations of Maribyrnong College and all staff, coaches and mentors.

2.4       Be a good role model in the eyes of peers, teachers and coaches – live the MSA motto of Pride in Performance and the values of Honesty & Integrity, Leadership, Respect & Self-Respect, Compassion & Community and Determination.

2.5       Comply with the rules of my sport and demonstrate good sportsmanship and conduct at all sporting fixtures and training sessions.

2.6       Maintain a satisfactory rate of academic progress and a positive attitude to my studies. The expectation for student athletes is that a C grade average is maintained across all studies (a Grade Point Average or GPA of 6.0 or higher including academic and behavioural assessments at a minimum level of “Good” on the College assessment scale).

2.7       Select the MSA Athlete Development Program electives at the appropriate year levels.

2.8       Wear the appropriate uniform within school and on all occasions when representing the MSA program externally.

2.9       Be available for selection in school sporting teams when required and compete to the best of your ability (Note: MSA commits to state and national pathway opportunities taking precedence over school competitions).

2.10     Agree to attend and fully participate in MSA/College annual events:

-       Marby Cup at Flemington Racecourse

-       MSA Awards night

-       College Swimming Carnival

-       College Athletics Carnival.

-       Other events determined by the Maribyrnong Sports Academy including Year Level excursions, guest speaker programs etc.                          

Non-attendance or non-participation at these listed annual events must be approved prior to the event.



3.1       To ensure that I do not increase the chance of injury, I commit to nothaving any external provider of strength and conditioning programs without negotiation with MSA’s High Performance Manager. 

            It is acknowledged that those in State and National Squads may have specific programs prescribed for them which will be supported however communication between MSA and external staff will ensure appropriate training loads.


Additional personal training is rarely required and in most cases not successful – if you are considering personal training or additional strength and conditioning this must be discussed with MSA staff. 


3.         ANTI-DOPING


3.1       The Maribyrnong College/Maribyrnong Sports Academy condemns the use of performance enhancing drugs and doping practices in sport.  You agree to take no drugs or substances that will modify growth, behaviour or performance.  You also agree to comply with the Anti-Doping Policy of the Australian Sports Commission or your chosen sport as applicable.





4.1       If you do not comply with any term of this Agreement, MSA may suspend, or remove, you from the program.  


4.2       Students failing to make satisfactory academic progress will initially be placed on a personal improvement program after counselling.  Ongoing unsatisfactory academic progress and effort will result in student-athletes being suspended from the program and ultimately removed if academic progress and effort does not improve.


4.3       Any student removed from the program for breaches of this agreement will be permitted to continue their education at Maribyrnong College.



5.1       Student-athletes are reviewed every 12 months to determine whether they retain their Sports Academy scholarship for the following year.  Consideration of scholarships will be based on the following key areas;

-       Sport Pathway Progression.

-       Academic Achievement (Grade Point Average), Effort and Classroom Behaviour.

-       Technical Training Report.

-       ADP Report/Engagement.

-       MSA Activity Engagement (Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnival, Marby Cup, etc.) and General School Engagement/Behaviour.


Note: students will not lose their scholarship in the event that their Pathway progression has stalled or they are not at a junior elite level at this stage.  All factors will be taken into account and a student who is engaged and performing well in every other area will continue as a scholarship holder.


6.         SIGNATURE

            I have carefully read this document and understand my obligations under the Maribyrnong College/Maribyrnong Sports Academy Athlete Agreement.  I agree to the terms and conditions as stated above.


SIGNED (Student-Athlete):
















If my child is ill, injured or involved in an accident, I authorise the administering of medical treatment and agree to pay for the cost of any such treatment.  


It is recommended that parents of Maribyrnong Sports Academy students consider private health insurancedue to higher risk of injury due to training and competition.



I consent to my child travelling to and from technical training and competition venues as part of the MSA Program in a school bus or in a staff member’s car (with other students).


In the event that a staff member needs to travel alone with a student-athlete prior approval will be sought with the exception of an emergency situation. 

Separate approval will be sought for major travel requirements ie. overnight/interstate/overseas.



I hereby give permission for my child to be photographed, filmed or interviewed and for publication of same for promotional purposes or as part of a school approved Maribyrnong Sports Academy activity.



I give permission for my child to participate in research studies involving interviews, questionnaires and physical testing carried out by MSA, Victoria University or other University partners.



I agree to pay all MSA and other applicable school fees when they are due.


I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of the entire student-athlete agreement and provide my consent to the items in the aforementioned parents/carers section.


SIGNED (Parent/Carer):