CEO's Showcase Day at the Academy

Maribyrnong Sports Academy has hosted 26 CEO’s and staff from national sporting organizations and associations to a showcase of our facilities, sports and talent.

 The CEO demo day provided an opportunity for the National sporting bodies to see our facilities first hand and in full working order.  Students for all technical sports here at the academy were involved in training demonstrations and game simulation during the 90 minute tour of the school.

MSA Sports director Mark McAllion believes the chance to showcase the school to high profile sporting leaders will be invaluable for the school in the future. “ We keep saying there is nothing like our Sports Academy in this state, and until people actually come here and look for themselves, they probably feel we over exaggerate a little.  But once they get here, their eyes light up and they get a full understanding of what we have at Maribyrnong and what we can achieve for athlete’s in their pathways.”

“To have 22 CEO’s of National Sporting Bodies in Australia, here at the school all at once, is a major achievement in itself.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and coaches of the academy who ensured that the CEO’s left the Academy full of enthusiasm, and the want to become a partner of the school. Since the day of our Showcase, 5 CEO’s have called me wanting to discuss further opportunities. “

CEO of Baseball Victoria Justin Huber, a former Major League Baseballer himself wished these facilities were around when he was a kid. “To be able to spend every day in this environment is something totally foreign for baseballers here in Australia, unless you wait until you are 18 and get accepted to a college in the States. The advantages this has for our junior athletes in preparing them for life after high school is amazing, and I’d love to see every baseballer in Victoria go to Maribyrnong.”

“I had heard about the program Maribyrnong was running for Baseball and Softball Athlete’s, and I must say I wasn’t aware of the facilities they had available to them.  The facilities here at Maribyrnong for a Baseballer are as good as any college in the states.”

Alexis Carydis, Manager of Netball Australia’s Centre of excellence says the Academy is first class.

“What we have seen here at Maribyrnong today is great. Amazing facilities and we love the holistic approach that the academy has to athlete development.  We also love the way the school goes about creating leaders not just athletes.   The school really provides a pathway for athletes with an academic focus while still developing the skills of Netball and the passion of the athlete to stay at school and get an education.”