Sports Director becomes a student for a day

Maribyrnong Sports Academy Sports Director Mark McAllion has spent the day as a student, to get a feel for what our Athletes go through on a daily basis.

Mr. McAllion spent the first two periods as a year 9 ADP student, working his way through a series of agility exercises, before finding himself in the gym.  

“I really wanted to experience what our students go thorough, and the effects it can have on them as part of their regular day here at Maribyrnong”  Mr. McAllion said. “ All of our Academy Students have to take part in periods of Athlete Development Program (ADP) throughout the week and also technical training.  Mix this in with school classes and then homework and an athletes day can get pretty busy.”

He finished off the day taking part in technical training with our Baseball/Softball Athletes.    “I’ve been a cricketer all my life, so I thought I would just slip into Baseball mode and have no issues.  Boy was I wrong.  Credit must be given to the effort and work that all of our athletes put into their technical training sessions, and also credit to our fabulous coaches for giving the students programs that are not only challenging but beneficial to their advancement through the sports pathways.”

One thing we know for sure.  Mr. McAllion will sleep well tonight.

If you would like advise on how to help manage your school day click here to download a sample study plan provided by our Wellbeing Team.

To view how Mr McAllion went during ADP, click below