2018 Marby Cup

A favourite event on the Maribyrnong Sports Academy, The Marby Cup, was once again run around the famous Flemington Racecourse just weeks before crowds totaling 400,000 people converge on the home of racing for the spring carnival.  A beautiful day greeted our students as they arrived at Flemington with the roses in full bloom and the grass freshly cut.  A cracking pace was set for the 2.7 km run with Year 8 student Lachlan Attard taking line honors overall and year 10 student Bianca Puglisi leading the girl’s home.  A big thank you to all staff who helped organize the day and congratulations to all our students who were extremely well behaved.  Congratulations to all our place getters in all year levels. We also thank Racing Victoria and Flemington Racecourse for allowing us to use the facility so close to the running of the Melbourne Cup.


Placings for 2018 Marby Cup


Overall Placings


Girls                                                                                        Boys

1. Bianca Puglisi (Yr. 10)                                                         1. Lachlan Attard (Yr. 8)

2. Orla Grenfell-Fox (Yr. 8)                                                    2. Sam Rogers (Yr. 8)

3. Yara Taylor (Yr. 9)                                                              3. Massimo D’Ambrosio (Yr. 9)


Year Groups


Year 7 Girls                                                            Year 7 Boys

1. Bridie Collings                                                                     1. Shabir Sawiz

2. Montaya Sardi                                                                    2. Devesh Sri Deenathayalan

3. Broklyn Palu                                                                       3. Lorimer Bouman


Year 8 Girls                                                            Year 8 Boys

1. Orla Grenfell-Fox                                                                1. Lachlan Attard

2. Charlize Buna                                                                     2. Sam Rogers

3. Ellie Kewish                                                                        3. Rhys Bozinovski


Year 9 Girls                                                            Year 9 Boys

1. Yara Taylor                                                                          1. Massimo D’Ambrosio

2. Kiralee Collings                                                                   2. Billy Cootee

3. Olivia Manfre                                                                      3. Cody Baker


Year 10 Girls                                                          Year 10 Boys

1. Bianca Puglisi                                                                      1. Ben Rogers

2. Georgie Piespakis                                                               2. Fred Pace

3. Georgia Muller                                                                    3. Lucas Nikoloski


Year 11 Girls                                                          Year 11 Boys

1. Janae Mackrell                                                                    1. Noah Chinnama

2. Tully Watt                                                                           2. Aaron Hilton

3. Georgia Nelson                                                                  3. Benson Pisanelli