Health Professional Report


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In the event that a student-athlete seeks a health professional external to the physiotherapists present at Maribyrnong Sports Academy, they are then required to take a Health Professional Report (HPR) to the appointment with the external provider. This report can then be returned to a Rehabilitation Coordinator who will then utilise that information to inform any Technical & Physical Preparation coaching staff of restrictions and recommendations for that student-athlete. This allows the staff at MSA to support the student-athlete effectively during the rehabilitation process and streamlines communication between all parties.

Notification of Absence

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If you will be away from school for an extended period of time as you are competiting in a major competition you must get the approval from all your teachers, confirming that they are aware of your absence. Download a Notification of Absence form from here, fill it out and then hand it to Mr Holmes for approval.


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For Maribyrnong Sports Academy Student Athletes who either make a State or National team, the school requires notification of this achievement so we can updates our records and celebrate the achievement with the rest of the school. Please download the form and fill it in with the details of the team made and hand it into Mr Holmes.