To purchase Academy Uniforms:

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To Purchase School Uniforms:

School uniforms can be purchased at the main administration office during the following times on school days.

Wednesday 8-9

Friday 3-4.




The following policy applies for all students in regard to ADP and PE Uniform:


Period 1 &/or 2

Students to wear ADP/PE Uniform to school and change into school uniform at the end of Period 2 or Recess.

Period 3 &/or 4

Students to change into ADP/PE Uniform during recess and change back to school uniform at Lunch Time.

Period 5 &/or 6

Students to change into ADP/PE Uniform at Lunch Time and allowed to wear ADP/PE Uniform in Period 5 if appropriate and wear ADP/PE Uniform home.


School bags are not permitted in classrooms. A small bag or plastic bag containing clothing or a gym towel, etc. is permitted in class.


That whenever ADP or Tech Training Uniform is allowed to be worn, a black compression top may be worn underneath. Compression tops will not be available through the MSA Uniform suppliers therefore any brand is permitted, however tops must not have significant logos or other colours showing.

Other notes;

  • Year 7s – wear sport uniform all day on Fridays.

  • Year 8s – wear sport uniform all day on Wednesday.

  • Year 9s – wear ADP Uniform all day on Tuesdays.

  • Year 9 & 10 Students with ADP and PE on the same day are to wear the ADP

    uniform for both classes. It is also to be noted that;

  • either ADP or Tech Training uniform can be worn in ADP Classes,

  • training singlets can only be worn during ADP class time,

  • Jets uniform to be worn at Tech Training – variations may be directed by


updated 6 February 2018