Athlete Development Program (ADP)

Students in Year 7-10 participate in an extensive Athlete Development Program (ADP) during the elective blocks within the normal school timetable.  Senior (VCE) students complete components of ADP during VET Sport and Recreation & VCE Physical Education classes as well as scheduled sessions before and after school. It is taught and monitored by a team of tertiary qualified strength and conditioning staff, physical education/ADP teachers and a wide range of consultants and sport scientists.


There is no consensus around a single definition of well-being, but there is general agreement that at minimum, well-being includes the presence of positive emotions and moods (e.g., contentment, happiness), the absence of negative emotions (e.g., depression, anxiety), satisfaction with life, fulfillment and positive functioning.  In simple terms, well-being can be described as judging life positively and feeling good.  This in turn we believe will help our athletes and students to focus on doing their best at school and at their sport.


Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Services

The Injury Management process at MSA is an athlete-centered process which is designed to work collectively with staff at the academy to ensure the most advantageous outcome for the student athlete’s return to performance.



Performance Psychology

There are many factors that influence an athlete's "mental fitness," such as wellbeing, enjoyment, confidence, motivation, anxiety, focus, attitude, and preparation. Performance Psychologist, Natalie Kyan works with our student athletes to ensure they are in the right frame of mind.



Accredited Practising and Sports Dietitian, Ola Luczak works with our student/athletes to help them achieve their dietary goals. She can provide expert practical advice, an individualised meal plan and the support to make a difference to your health and sporting performance in the following areas


Sports Science

Sports Science support is provided to athletes and coaches at MSA through a joint partnership with Victoria University. Sports Academy athletes and coaches have access to Victoria University staff for expert advice and input into a range of specialist sport science fields, including exercise physiology, biomechanics, exercise prescription, and rehabilitation.