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Victoria University (VU) is one of Australia's leading universities, with:

  • 11 campuses and sites in Melbourne including nearby Footscray Park which is home to the School of Human Movement, Recreation and Performance providing a pedagogical link to the sports school curriculum and interests
  • 44,000 enrolled students
  • 7,900 international students from over 30 countries
  • 700 courses in higher education and TAFE - as one of only five universities in Australia to offer both, VU offers options to easily switch courses if necessary


Victoria University also have a close association with the Sports Specialism at Maribyrnong College and form one of the original stakeholders engaged by the State Government and Department of Education to assist the development of the project. Like the Western Bulldogs they have close geographical and community links to Maribyrnong College. The college is within walking distance to the VU campus at Footscray Park. VU (Footscray Park) also forms one of the strategic points in the western suburbs "Sports Triangle" and is undergoing a $54M redevelopment with a significant component being allocated to elite sports testing and research facilities connected to the School of Human Movement, Recreation and Performance. The partnership has and continues to involve:

  • Victorian University representation on all three governance bodies of the sports school -Sporting Excellence Advisory Board (peak body) as well as Sporting Excellence Curriculum Reference and Consultative Groups.
  • Maribyrnong College representation of the VU Industry Consultation Boards.
  • Negotiated use of Victoria University facilities for meetings, public presentations and ceremonies, technical training programs etc.
  • Access to Victoria University staff for expert advice and input into a range of fields connected to the specialist sport curriculum - exercise physiology, biomechanics, exercise prescription, rehabilitation etc. In 2006 fitness pre-testing of all sports students took place at the University with input from VU staff.
  • Victoria University facilitation with other western suburb organisations for mutual programs and benefits (e.g. Western Health) as well as international networks - e.g. Maribyrnong College/Singapore Sports School links in conjunction with Victoria University and Western Bulldogs.
  • VU is the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for the Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses in Community Recreation that Year 10/11/12 Specialist Sport students have access to as part of their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).
  • The School of Human Movement, Recreation and Performance at VU Footscray Park campus offers a large range of sports themed higher education and TAFE courses that are in strong demand from the specialists sport students at Maribyrnong College and provide relevant and convenient study and career pathways.
  • Victoria University Pre Service Teachers (PST) involvement in Specialist Sport curriculum at Maribyrnong College on teaching rounds and industry placements - projects include development of a Specialist Sport web-site, development of a Year 9 Specialist Sport unit in Performance Analysis.
  • Future joint research projects between VU and Maribyrnong College e.g. influence of sports specialist students on participation patterns of non sports students and links to childhood obesity/diabetes etc.
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